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We are a group of experts who have the requisite information in dealing with various aspects of individual taxations, business tax issues along with bookkeeping and payroll services. For our non-resident Indian clients, we have a specialized team who can draft the US tax returns effectively.

Federal and State Tax Filing1

You would be glad to know that we are a dedicated and registered Electronic Run Originator with the IRS. We also comply strictly to the Circular Know More

FBAR/FATCA Processing

In case you have an active bank account in any foreign bank, then it is your duty to report the account yearly to the treasury department of the US Know More


Well, this is one of the most commonly asked questions from our client’s side. So here are some important things about ITIN we feel Know More

Representation Services

People usually start worrying when they receive a notification stating that their tax return has been selected for an audit. But in these types Know More

Amendment Filing

If you have experienced an error after filing your return, you have to amend it accordingly. To be precise, the IRS often corrects mistakes on a specific Know More

Indian Tax Filling

We have a dedicated processing center based in India which also files Indian tax returns for the clients staying in the US. On the other hand Know More

Entity formation

It is usually said that one of the primary steps in starting a business is to select the right entity structure. There is no denying the fact that Know More

Corporate Tax Filing

As the name suggests, an individual establishment is a business owned by a single person. This single individual is responsible for the entire business Know More

Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company or an LLC is that type of business model which exhibits the properties of both the sole-proprietorship and corporation Know More

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